New Release:"One Love"   Upcoming Release: Broken Blue

 by Steven Jennings  
       " Other Side of The Tracks"   " Debut Album/CD *  coming soon! 



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         Huyu Ni Kaka Yangu ("This is My Brother")  on debut Album.




* Sales Information (USA/ EU sales available) *  Coming Soon. -  Single  " Huyu Ni Kaka Yangu " in Swahili means " This Is My Brother "  written, produced & performed by Steven Jennings  recorded  at  Studio 23 Music Group,  USA   Lead engineer "Jelani" is credited as co-producer for Steven Jennings "

Media Events:  Live Appearances, Radio (Web/Commercial) and Television Networks

"Hear Steven Jennings "WHCR 90.3 FM Radio" The Voice of Harlem NY, on the " Starring Antonia  Badon

Harlem Renaissance Time Travel Show". 

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