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The debut Album/CD entitled " Other Side of The Track " recorded at Studio 23 Music Group by Jelani owner of Studio23  Columbia, South Carolina, USA.  Jelani Harris is the production engineer for all  music engineering productions and ARIA mastering for Steven Jennings.


** I appreciate ALL of the Positive Support That I'm receiving WORLD WIDE  from Positive People minded Human Beings of all races.  One Love, One World and One Humanity - I appreciate The Great IAM for allowing me to share our Music with you./Steven Jennings  ** 

Thank you to a great illustrator,artist & painter "Goldigold" of Atlanta, GA. for the great art work for the single "Broken Blue".

Thank you to PhilBadelphia Digital Recording of Washington, DC. for the remote studio recording of

 legendary Saxophonist "Ron Holloway" for capturing those great tones.

Thank You to all the great artists and vocalist on my "8th Day" recordings.

 Industry Artist Peer Review Comments:


“It reminds me, in a couple of ways, of early Gil Scott-Heron! The flute reminds me of Brian Jackson's playing on so many of their songs. I love the GROOVE of your song!”


—  Ron Holloway Saxophonist, Ron Holloway *Member of The Gil Scott-Heron Band



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