Artist Name: Steven Jennings

Member: ASCAP                                       Publisher 8th Day: ASCAP Management

Genre: World, Art fusion of jazz, blues, hip hop, neo-soul, rock,  r&b and all music expression

Active: ASCAP

Talent:  Songwriter, Executive Producer, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Vocals

Hometowns:  Washington, DC metro area USA,  New York USA, North Carolina USA


Steven Jennings new single entitled  "ONE LOVE" will be released in Sept 2020  the song is also featured in the award winning short film "Pieces"  currently playing in film festivals. His next release will be "Broken Blue"  from his upcoming debut album “ Other Side of The Tracks “ his music is a New Generation of Spoken Word, Art fusion of Jazz, HIP HOP, R&B, Blues, Gospel, World and Soul, as well as lyrical content concerning social and political issues of our times.  His music arrangements and lyrical content is being reviewed as bold, unique and mind stimulating.

"ONE LOVE" is the message during this worldwide pandemic times that ask the question why do we judge each other over race, gender, politics and religion.  World citizens need  to be  focus as a united society and one humanity.

"Broken Blue" is an anthem "against corruption and social injustices" World Wide we are all part of this global family. Everyone needs to think about our actions during this 21st century. Ask all world citizens and the powers in control "Is It You or Is It You" ! Why we have a "Broken Blue"!

Steven Jennings was mentored in the  business of music by the late legendary Clifton Dyson Jr. of MOTOWN/WESTEND labels recording artist, songwriter and producer.   

Steven Jennings is recording his music tracks at Studio 23  Music Group in Columbia, SC USA  Jelani  is the production engineer, producer and studio owner they’re working to together to create a fusion sound. Music and  lyrical content has been written, performed and produced by Steven Jennings  and Jelani. We have gathered some talented musicians and an artists  to perform on the upcoming new release Album/CD  " Other Side of The Tracks". His new single "ONE  LOVE" and "Broken Blue " releases is featuring a horn section that includes the legendary Tenor saxophonist Ron Holloway , Hank Bilal on trombone and Mauricio Richardson on trumpet.  Stay Tuned his Debut album "Other Side of the Tracks" " is being released soon. 

Songs such as “American Blues “, " Consequences "   "Sho Nuff Funky".

Steven is also part of the Jelani Productions " Shorty 8 Track and the Corner Boys" new release "SOUL" released by  Orchard (SONY). available at major online music stores. 

 The songs are written to express that regardless of race; social status and beliefs that we all should strive to do better for Humanity and our World.  Finally, when speaking with Steven Jennings he said enjoy the music but listen harder to the lyric messages One World, One Humanity and Love our brothers and sisters just “Pledge Allegiance to the World of Mankind”.

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